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barupa” has been my online moniker since 1991, when I created an email address from the first 2 letters of my first, middle, and married names: Barbara Ruth Paciotti. For this international blogging domain I added my state’s PO abbreviation so I’m barupatx. (That’s Texas USA, in case you didn’t know!) My students and teacher/librarian colleagues simply call me “Ms. P“.

I was a homemaker for 15 years then returned to education as a science teacher in an alternative high school for at-risk students and taught there for 9 years. After certifying as a school librarian, I moved to a 2-yr-old middle school, and remained there for 13½ years. I love working with the kids that make most folks cringe—I also love ages 2-4so clearly I’m a woman in need of therapy!

In the early 90’s I became the “Tech Queen” at my school when I took a few defunct computers and built 2 working ones for a fellow teacher. In 1995 I ventured into the text-only WWW and began creating Webpages using HTML. I was originally an Apple fan, but over the years I’ve become more of a PC whiz. My love for digital technology continues, although the learning curve is much steeper as I get older!

My other interests include home improvements—from painting & wallpapering, to plumbing & electric, to landscaping & gardening, to repairs & construction. (One year, for our anniversary, my hubby got me a radial arm saw!) The one thing I hate is housework, so even though I’m retired, I still have my cleaning lady every other week!

I like to help people find answers (probably why I became a school librarian) and I hope you find some through this blog.

(Not indigestion, just my initials)
blogging from the Dallas TX Metroplex, USA

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey there, Barbara! Or should I say Barupa?

    I’m from the Edublogs team and just catching up on some of your wonderful #EdublogsClub posts. I was really drawn to your bio. How interesting!

    I can’t believe you were emailing in 1991. Did you have many people to email?

    It sounds like you have so many talents. I could have used your skills when renovating my house last year! 🙂

    Keep up your great work. You have a lot to offer.


    • Thank you Kathleen. I’m just now reading your “21 Mistakes you Could be Making on Your Class or Teacher Blog” and have enjoyed your prompts for the Edublogs Club. I’ve added your blog to my Blogroll!

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