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barupa” has been my online moniker since 1991, when I created an email address from the first 2 letters of my first, middle, and married names: Barbara Ruth Paciotti. For this international blogging domain I added my state’s PO abbreviation so I’m barupatx. My students & teacher/librarian colleagues simply called me “Ms. P“.

I was a homemaker for 15 years then returned to the workforce as a science teacher in an alternative high school for at-risk students and taught there for 9 years. I launched my career as a school librarian when I moved to a 2-yr-old middle school, and remained there for 13½ years. I love working with these kids that make most folks cringe—I also love ages 2-4so clearly I’m a woman in need of therapy!

In the early 90’s I became the “Tech Queen” at my school when I took a few defunct computers (remember 5″ floppies?) and built 2 working ones for a fellow teacher. In 1995 I ventured into the text-only WWW and began creating Webpages using HTML. I was originally an Apple fan, but over the years I’ve become more of a PC whiz. My love for digital technology continues, although the learning curve is much steeper as I get older!

My other interests include home improvements—from painting & wallpapering, to plumbing & electric, to landscaping & gardening, to repairs & construction. (One year, for our anniversary, my hubby got me a radial arm saw!) The one thing I hate is housework, so even though I’m retired, I still have my cleaning lady every other week!

I like to help people find answers (probably why I became a school librarian) and I hope you find some through this blog.

(Not indigestion, just my initials)

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