Looking Back @ Effective (Use of) Videos

Everyone loves a good video. I’ve learned that video captures students’ attention in a way no other teaching device does. Oh, we can do many tech and non-tech hands-on activities with students, but none of those actually introduce informational material … Continue reading

Looking Back @ 5 Ways a School Librarian Can Improve Your PBL

Educators have known for years that student projects are great assessment strategies, but the current trend in project-based learning shows us that projects also provide superior learning environments for students—they are more engaged in critical thinking, their learning is contextual instead of disparate, … Continue reading

Looking Back @ Teaching Academic Honesty

Among the many posts on my listservs are those about copyright, plagiarism, note-taking, and those other pesky Information Literacy topics I include under Academic Honesty. I did some checking and found that College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards refer to plagiarism, and … Continue reading