Looking @ 5 Essential Literacies for Students: Part 5 – Media Literacy

In our modern world students need to understand and be proficient in 5 Essential Literacies, and School Librarians need to integrate at least one Library Literacy component into every class visit. In Part 5 we look at Media Literacy as a way that students can be successful in future coursework and as global citizens. Continue reading

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Looking Back @ Digital Citizenship & the School Librarian

Digital Citizenship encompasses a student’s knowledge of and consent to using technology in a responsible manner. School Librarians must know Federal laws regarding student Internet use and construct meaningful lessons for teaching digital citizenship and Internet safety to our students. Continue reading

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Looking Back @ Effective (Use of) Videos

Everyone loves a good video. I’ve learned that video captures students’ attention in a way no other teaching device does. Oh, we can do many tech and non-tech hands-on activities with students, but none of those actually introduce informational material … Continue reading