Looking Back @ Digital Citizenship & the School Librarian

Digital Citizenship encompasses a student’s knowledge of and consent to using technology in a responsible manner. School Librarians must know Federal laws regarding student Internet use and construct meaningful lessons for teaching digital citizenship and Internet safety to our students. Continue reading

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Looking Back @ Social Media & Cloud Computing

Social media is a popular topic right now and there are so many ways it can be used in education: As part of a teacher’s or librarian’s Professional Learning Network (PLN) To inform parents and the community about school-related events … Continue reading

Looking @ TPT vs OER and Problem-Solving

Educators are sharers, and School Librarians are super-sharers as evidenced by the 11,000+ members of LM_NET listserv! Through my 13+ years as a Middle School Librarian I’ve created documents for Library Lessons through online service providers and freely offer these links, as … Continue reading