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Student Library Passes - imageStudent Library Pass
(editable template)
Book Shelving Handbook cover
Library Aide

image of LibAide Confidentiality Contract - Anyone given access to student records on the library automation should read and sign this document to preserve student privacy and their intellectual freedom.
Library Aide

image of PACE Research Model2-sided printable sheet
graphic & rubric
NoSweat Research Helper: 6-Question Topic Planner - A guided worksheet to help students plan their project by developing questions. Students enter topic/s, brainstorm keywords, and generate 1 or 2 What, Where, When, Why, Who, How questions in designated fields. After refining, students use the bottom field to enter their completed Topical Research Question.printable NoSweat Magazine Article Summary Worksheetprintable
image of Multicultural Book Spine Labels
Book Labels

NoSweat Purposeful Library Bulletin Boardse-book


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