Looking @ 5 Essential Literacies for Students: Part 2 – Content Literacy

In our modern world students need to understand and be proficient in 5 Essential Literacies, and School Librarians need to integrate at least one Library Literacy component into every class visit. In Part 2 we look at Library Lessons that help build the Content/Disciplinary Literacy that students need to be successful with current and future coursework. Continue reading

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Looking Back @ Library Orientation: Location, Location, Location!

A Library Orientation establishes our year-long relationship with students (and teachers), so we need an engaging lesson. The typical presentation of 2-3 dozen slides, covering all aspects of library organization and rules, is NOT it! That just puts kids to sleep with details … Continue reading

Looking Back @ Supporting Reading in Social Studies

Promote content reading in middle school Social Studies by grouping books to create special collections for World Cultures/Geography, State History, and United States History. Here’s how I did it! Continue reading

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