About Barbara Paciotti

Retired IB Middle School Librarian and at-risk alternative High School Science Teacher, still helping teachers and students be successful.

Looking @ Technology Training & Integration for Teachers

Of the barriers which inhibit effective use of technology in the classroom, the biggest is teachers who haven’t learned to integrate it as part of their lessons. School Librarians are already adept at technology and integration, so we can provide multimedia technology training for our teachers. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #technologytraining Continue reading

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Looking @ ELA, the Workshop Model, and Classroom Libraries

The School Library can’t just be about reading books. School Librarians need to rigorously contribute to student learning by fully integrating Library Lessons with all subject curricula. Otherwise, we can’t lament a lack of appreciation for the library when curriculum changes affect our circulation. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #ELA #classroomlibraries #readerwriterworkshop Continue reading

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Looking @ Coordinating Collection, Curriculum, and Library Lessons

As school librarians, it’s our responsibility to develop a library collection that doesn’t rely on generic ‘balance,’ but one that supports our grade level curricula. More than that, we must also create Library Lessons that use those materials for meaningful classroom activities and worthwhile assessments. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #librarycollection #librarylessons #socialstudies #ELA Continue reading

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