About Barbara Paciotti

Retired IB Middle School Librarian and at-risk alternative High School Science Teacher, still helping teachers and students be successful.

Looking @ How To Propose Library Lessons to Teachers

There are lots of great library lessons, but unless we can get teachers to bring students to the library, those lessons just stagnate in our file drawers. Here’s how we can invite teachers to have their students participate in meaningful library visits. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #librarylessons #teachercollaboration Continue reading

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Looking @ 12 Great Tips for Your School Library

Here are 12 tips and tricks that can help manage and promote the school library…and the School Librarian. Remember, the most positive Library Promotion we can do is through our actions rather than our words! #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #organization #inspiration Continue reading

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Looking @ A Customized Library Orientation for Teachers

Since teachers have the most influence over whether students use the school library, it makes sense to create a customized library orientation for teachers. Read how featuring materials for topics of study in each subject area serves as an invitation to collaborate on student library lessons! #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #libraryorientation #teacherprofessionaldevelopment Continue reading

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