About Barbara Paciotti

Retired IB Middle School Librarian and at-risk alternative High School Science Teacher, still helping teachers and students be successful.

Disability Accessibility in the School Library

We School Librarians need to be aware of federal guidelines for disabilities and examine our facility layout for barriers that may inhibit students from access and comfort. Here’s what I discovered about my School Library and how I solved the problems. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #schoollibrarian #facility #accessibility #disabilities Continue reading

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6 Steps to Create a Great School Library Website

A school library website is the virtual version of the school library and the school librarian, and it’s a powerful advocate for our services. Here are 6 steps to create a school library website that is a valuable information resource for the school community. #NoSweatLibrary #schoollibrary #schoollibrarywebsite Continue reading

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